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Ron RJF Fehd ron.fehd.macro.maven at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 00:44:04 CET 2017

My colleague suggested we look at ShareLaTeX
Here's their latest update.
Ron Fehd

From: James Allen <support at sharelatex.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 6:53 AM
Subject: 1 Million ShareLaTeX users, Amazing new Features, TeX Live update.

Here's a quick summary of the ShareLaTeX Feb 2017 newsletter:

   - ShareLaTeX passed the one million user mark last year (yes, a Million!
   We can't quite believe it either!).
   - We're beta testing some new commenting and track changes features,
   which are now part of our public beta testing (see below for more info).
   - We're looking for translators to help translate ShareLaTeX into your
   native language.
   - We've updated the ShareLaTeX TeX Live environment to have the latest

One Million users, long live LaTeX!

A few months ago we hit an incredible milestone with over one million
ShareLaTeX users. Today we're closer to 1.2 million users and growing fast,
with ShareLaTeX being the most popular online LaTeX editor out there, all
thanks to you and your support.

[image: User growth graph]

Sustainability, usability and openness are central values here at
ShareLaTeX, and as we've grown, we've continued to focus on these.
Some Of Our Partners

As well as seeing a huge number of people using ShareLaTeX, over the last
couple of years we've started working more closely with a number of
institutions around the world too.

In an effort to make ShareLaTeX more usable and easier to manage for groups
and larger organizations, we offer several different ways of accessing
ShareLaTeX. As well as individual licenses, we offer site or group licenses
which can cover small lab groups, entire companies or departments sized
somewhere in-between. This has led to us working a little more closely with
the likes of NASA, Google DeepMind and Caltech over the last few years. You
can see some of the other organizations we work with here
<https://www.sharelatex.com/i/university/partners>. If you would like to
get ShareLaTeX used more widely in your university or company please get in
Commenting and Track Changes Beta Testing

We have some exciting new track changes and commenting features available
to our beta testing users. If you want to join the beta program and get
access to these, you can sign up here
<https://www.sharelatex.com/beta/participate>. These new features will make
it easier to manage changes made by other authors during a collaboration,
and help you manage your own notes and thoughts while writing. We'll follow
up in a few weeks to get your opinion on these features, but please don't
hesitate to get in touch now.
Call for Translators

We are looking for help translating ShareLaTeX. If would like to help keep
ShareLaTeX up to date and fully translated in your language or a new
language please get in touch <https://sharelatex.typeform.com/to/cfWoKI>.
New TeX Live Release

Since earlier this week all new projects use the latest version of TeX
Live. This includes up to date versions of all packages. Some highlights
are that circuitikz is updated, biblatex is now the latest version and
supports 'givenunits' and 'labeldateparts' options, and Hebrew fonts are
installed. Existing projects will use the same environment as before, so
these changes won't affect your existing documents.
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