[texhax] OT: 1 Million ShareLaTeX users

Brian Dunn bd at bdtechconcepts.com
Thu Feb 16 01:23:51 CET 2017

>    - ShareLaTeX passed the one million user mark last year (yes, a
> Million! We can't quite believe it either!).

On a related note, a few days ago I contacted Overleaf to point out
that TUG is not listed on their partners page, and they agreed to add
it soon.  So if a few thousand new members join up, I'd like to request
one of those cool post cards, please!  (Partly joking, but it'd really
be neat to have one.)

Maybe someone could bug ShareLaTeX to do likewise.


Brian Dunn
BD Tech Concepts LLC
bd at BDTechConcepts.com


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