[texhax] Problem with spaces in file path when used with "pdfpages" package

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Sat Jul 16 12:21:26 CEST 2016

TeXstudio 2.11.0 (hg 6062:c58c915d7759)
Using Qt Version 5.5.1, compiled with Qt 5.5.1 R

I have TeXstudio installed on a Windows 10 PRO amd64 machine where it
runs quite well. I do have a recurring problem though. I am hoping
someone can assist me with it.

I use the "pdfpages" package quite regularly. As long as the file path
and name used in the "\includepdf{FILE}" is entered without any spaces
everything is fine. However, if there are spaces in the path or file
name, it fails. Unfortunately, most of the files and some of the paths
do contain spaces. I have tried enclosing the file path in double
quotes; however, that does not seem to work. Other than changing the
file paths and names to exclude any spaces, is there any other way to
make this work?

Thanks :)


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