[texhax] Plotly: Interactive, web-based LaTeX graphs for sharing and publication

Matt Sundquist matt at plot.ly
Thu Dec 19 23:34:22 CET 2013

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your suggestions and for checking out Plotly. We would be
thrilled to be on your site!

Right now, you can add LaTeX to a Plotly graph by wrapping your code in
$'s. So, for example, if we look at this graph <http://plot.ly/~gil/0/>,
the legend is comprised of: $dx=.01$, $dx = .05$, and $dx = .1$. Then, the
x-axis label is $\Delta \Psi$. But then we convert it to LaTeX output. You
can do the same when styling graphs from the APIs <http://plot.ly/api> (Python,
R, MATLAB, REST, Arduino, Julia, and Perl) or from the GUI.

Does that cover it? We were going to add a not to let folks know they could
run it like that.

All my best,

[image: Inline image 1]

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 7:47 AM, Thomas Schneider <schneidt at mail.nih.gov>wrote:

> Matt:
> > My name is Matt, and I'm part of Plotly. We've just set up Plotly to
> > support LaTeX. You can make plots with LaTeX that are: browser-based,
> > interactive, publication-quality, and shareable.
> > Here is an IPython [1]Notebook showing how to do that with Plotly, and
> > here is the graph: [2]https://plot.ly/~IPython.Demo/309/.
> > As we're a brand new startup, just three months in, it is wonderfully
> > helpful to hear your thoughts, advice, and suggestions. Please let me
> > know if you get a chance to use it, and we'd love to hear what you
> > think.
> ...
> > 1.
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/plotly/IPython-plotly/blob/master/LaTeX%20with%20Plotly.ipynb
> > 2. https://plot.ly/~IPython.Demo/309/
> Interesting.  I'm considering adding this to my page
> http://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/latex.html
> but when I go to:
> https://plot.ly/~IPython.Demo/309/
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/plotly/IPython-plotly/blob/master/LaTeX%20with%20Plotly.ipynb
> I don't see a complete LaTeX example that I could just run.
> A single page that guides the LaTeX user into applying your package
> (if that is what it is) would be useful.
> Tom
>   Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D.
>   Senior Investigator
>   National Institutes of Health
>   National Cancer Institute
>   Center for Cancer Research
>   Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory
>   Molecular Information Theory Group
>   Frederick, Maryland  21702-1201
>   schneidt at mail.nih.gov
>   http://schneider.ncifcrf.gov/ (current link)
>   http://alum.mit.edu/www/toms  (permanent link)
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