[texhax] Large project

John Burt burt at brandeis.edu
Wed Dec 23 15:33:27 CET 2009

The problem may be in the nonstandard way you are handling graphics.  
I have a 600 page book in the works. With TeXshop it compiles in nine  
seconds. (Of course, I broke it up into separate files, with one  
chapter per file, and have a driver file to call them all. When I'm  
writing, I use a different driver file which calls up only the  
chapter I'm working on. Those files compile quickly enough that it is  
possible to compile the file after every edit if I wanted to.  
TeXshop, like a lot of other implementations, has a feature which  
enables you to command-click on a word in your output and go to that  
point in your source, and it will trace the source back to the  
separate file for the chapters.)

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