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PMW Matheson amphoras at chass.utoronto.ca
Sun Dec 20 23:50:20 CET 2009

I can add _Phoenix_ (for 20 years, University of Toronto Press) to the
list of Classics journals being set in plain Tex.

Also most of the _Phoenix_ Supp vols (also UTP) and now the Toronto
Mediaeval Latin Text series vols -- the first TeX'd one is coming out
this spring. Greek, Hebrew, Arabic all used in these.
Philippa Matheson

On Sun, 2009-12-20 at 14:05 -0800, Pierre MacKay wrote:
> The journals Classical Antiquity (for 16 years) and Rhetorica (for 11
> years) have been set in TeX for the University of California Press.
> In addition there have been about 20 monographs, including one in
> Arabic, English, Greek and Latin, and the recent translation of
> Coarelli's Rome.  Almost the entire corpus of the works of Erasmus is
> set using TeX.  There are numerous Greek studies set using TeX in
> Europe, along with others in mediaeval Italian history and literature.
> A massive study of surgical instruments found in the Pompeii
> excavations was done in TeX and the associated map of Pompeii (often
> complimented by derivative imitations) was done using Metafont in a
> fairly unusual way.  
> I guess this amounts to a sort of humanist specialization, but it is
> one in which math mode hardly ever appears.  That may be one of the
> reasons why, to quote your response:  
> It is the first time that I encountered a mention of LaTeX in "general"
> (i. e. non-specialist) press.
> An associated reason may be the all too general sense that derived
> forms of TeX, most specifically LaTeX, are of interest exclusively as
> vehicles for the swift production of technical papers, which LaTeX, to
> do it justice, seems to be very good at.  All the major examples of
> humanist publication I am directly aware of avoid LaTeX.  We do lots
> of non-technical typesetting, but we see so little interest in
> anything that is not primarily in math mode that we don't find the
> occasion to say much about it.
> Pierre MacKay
> Humanist Typesetting & Graphics
> www.angiolello.net

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