[texhax] LaTeX in the papers

Neven Jovanović neven.jovanovic at ffzg.hr
Mon Dec 21 10:52:23 CET 2009


thanks for information of which I have not been aware (is TeX mentioned
anywhere in the impressum of those publications?). My point was that it is
nice to see LaTeX mentioned casually and al pari with the more "household"
--- or office? --- name of PowerPoint (the review where Beamer is
mentioned discusses mainly performances of Shakespeare, though author
muses a bit on esthetics of surtitles in theatre).

> An associated reason may be the all too general sense that derived forms
> of TeX, most specifically LaTeX, are of interest exclusively as vehicles
> for the swift production of technical papers, which LaTeX, to do it
> justice, seems to be very good at.  All the major examples of humanist
> publication I am directly aware of avoid LaTeX.  We do lots of
> non-technical typesetting, but we see so little interest in anything
> that is not primarily in math mode that we don't find the occasion to
> say much about it.

I can only confirm what you wrote about LaTeX and humanist publication,
though. When I first thought about trying out TeX / LaTeX, I too was a bit
put off by characterizations such as "LaTeX, a typesetting tool and
language designed specifically for technical document preparation". Then I
found that it is possible to typeset classical Greek with it...



Neven Jovanovic
Zagreb / Croatia

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