[texhax] biblatex and tex4ht

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 15 23:24:21 CEST 2009

    I'm in the early stages of using tex4ht and I can tell that I'm going to
    have some simple questions 

In addition to the other advice, I suggest looking at Eitan's web pages,
still up at http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~gurari/TeX4ht/, and any
examples you can find -- the TeX Live manual is the one I know about.

Also and perhaps most importantly, he wrote one article, posted at
http://tug.org/TUGboat/Articles/tb25-1/gurari.pdf, which attempts to be
an introduction to the system.

Unfortunately my only reliable recipe for solving problems was
"ask Eitan" :(.

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