[texhax] biblatex and tex4ht

Christoph Haug christoph.haug at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 23:13:31 CEST 2009

2009/8/15 Radhakrishnan CV <cvr at river-valley.org>:

>> I always get the following error on \printbibliography (if I don't
>> include a bibliography, everything works fine):
>> ! Undefined control sequence.
>> <argument> ... \c at refsection -\bib at field@entrykey
> The same kind of error, I made a quick fix for the same.
> [...]
>> a second issue is that I am getting an extra space after the first
>> paranthesis in author-year styles, i.e. Author ( 2009). I also found
>> some irrelavent spaces after a quotations mark ("). It's not a big
>> issue since it can easily be fixed manually with seach&replace, but it
>> might be worth fixing it sometime anyway. - Or maybe I am doing
>> something wrong? I think, also this can be reproduced if you change
>> the test-files mentioned above to an authoryear-style and use
>> \parentcite or \citet or so.
> Fixed.

you are just incredible! it works! thank you so much. this is wonderful!

this encourages me to mention two issues I encountered with oolatex
which do not occur with htlatex:

 \subsubsection* is not rendered properly. oolatex produces a
paragraph (i.e. an empty line) and the subsubsection-title is printed
as ordinary text at the beginning of the next paragraph. Then
non-starred version of \subsubsection works fine.

I have defined the following new environment for myself to have
certain paragraphs printed in italics and in a smaller font:


this is rendered fine with htlatex but not with ootlatex. In oolatex,
the text is printed as ordinary text. or rather: in the same size and
style as ordinary text, but formated as "flushleft".
in fact, oolatex also prints all footnotes in the ordinary fontsize
although they are formated as "footnote", which is, by default defined
as smaller than ordinary test in openffice. (htlatex renders footnots
properly, though it puts them in seperate html-files, which is a bit
annoying but not a bug, I guess.)


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