[texhax] TeXnic configuration

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Fri Mar 14 23:56:42 CET 2008


> Gentlemen,
> Thanks very much for your efforts to teach an ignorant swede how to  
> install
> LaTex.

Everybody, absolutely everybody, has been an ignorant in (La)TeX  
matters at one time or another.

> However, now I´ve found what I really was looking for, a
> math-handling program, fully integrated with Microsoft Word. As you  
> surely
> understand I´m talking about Aurora. Against all odds, this program  
> works
> perfectly also in my hands and on my computer and will probably  
> cover all my
> needs.

Well ---TeX (and LaTeX and ConTeXt) is about more than math  
typesetting ---it's about the best typesetting system in general, not  
surpassed even today by professional typesetting applications as  
InDesign and QuarkXPress.

You could try also TeX-based applications as LyX:

http://www.lyx.org/ or TeXmacs:


Also, there are commercial products, as Publicon:


or the more expensive Scientific Word/Workplace:


> Thanks again. Perhaps I will find a reason to torment you with further
> LaTex-related questions in the future. Watch out!

Not a torment at all!



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