[texhax] TeXnic configuration

Ulf Elvestedt ulf at elvestedt.se
Fri Mar 14 11:20:30 CET 2008


Thanks very much for your efforts to teach an ignorant swede how to install
LaTex. However, now I´ve found what I really was looking for, a
math-handling program, fully integrated with Microsoft Word. As you surely
understand I´m talking about Aurora. Against all odds, this program works
perfectly also in my hands and on my computer and will probably cover all my
needs. The price for Aurora, $43, is negligible. (This is no ad if you
thought so!)

Thanks again. Perhaps I will find a reason to torment you with further
LaTex-related questions in the future. Watch out!

Bye for now,


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Skickat: den 13 mars 2008 11:10
Till: Axel E. Retif
Kopia: Ulf Elvestedt; texhax at tug.org
Ämne: Re: [texhax] TeXnic configuration

Axel E. Retif :

> On  10 Mar, 2008, at 05:02, Ulf Elvestedt wrote:
>> Dears sirs/ladies,
>> I have installed MiKTex and TeXnicCenter according to instructions
>> in the Protext Manual. However, I am not able to configure
>> TeXnicCenter. The system does not accept the paths suggested by the
>> Manual. Nor does it accept any of the directory paths I am
>> suggesting. The error message reads; ?The application ?Latex? has
>> not been found in the directory of your Tex-distribution?. Please,
>> can anyone out there help me?
> Maybe I won't be of much help, because my platform is not Windows ---
> I just have MikTeX and TeXnicCenter in a virtual machine.
> I just tried, though, and TeXnicCenter is working fine.
> Under Built -> Define Output Profiles... I have, for LaTeX => DVI
> C:\Program Files\MikTeX 2.7\miktex\bin\latex.exe
> Can you provide more information about your setup?
> Best,
> Axel

or simply search Windows for the file latex.exe, and note which directory 
it is located in. Then tell the TeXnicCenter wizard that path (navigate to 

If latex.exe is not found, well then you have no LaTeX installed ;-)


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