[texhax] lilypond/latex and vertical spacing

Susan Dittmar SDittmar at eureca.de
Mon Jan 28 11:20:45 CET 2008

Quoting debian (debian at benburb.demon.co.uk):
> Actually, lily seems to produce lots (and lots) of small eps files,
> one for each line of the tune.  The importation of these can indeed
> result in unfortunate page breaks.
> > Guessing without information, I'll suggest replacing 
> > \begin{figure} with \noindent\begin{minipage}{\columnwidth}  
> > and \end{figure} with \end{minipage}\par.
> Ah bullseye.  Thanks a lot.  That is a huge improvement.
> It does leave me with lots of white space below some of the tunes and
> I understand why this is happening.  Latex is including the mini pages
> as it finds the \include statements.  My latex file is the end result
> of a perl script, so I can change the sequence of the \includes, but
> there is a fair bit of work in it: arranging the \include statements
> to minimise the white space.
> Is there any other approach ?  I am currently dealing with 179 tunes,
> well, in chapters of say 50 or so !

What I did for a songbook of mine was tell the eps-generating program to
produce pages of very small height. That led to eps files containing just
one or two lines of music. Then include them all via includegraphics.
That way TeX has more points where to place page breaks.

It's far from ideal, but as I am too lazy to learn how to write music
directly in TeX, that's the best I could find up to now.

Perhaps that helps,


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