[texhax] Password

TUG office office at tug.org
Sat Jan 26 06:11:49 CET 2008

Dear Carlos,

At 06:28 AM 1/25/2008, cinquett at fclar.unesp.br wrote:
>The TUG web is not recognizing my password and I am not seeing how to ask
>them to send it to me. Could you please resend both my username and

Please try this --

url:      https://www.tug.org/members
username: ccinquetti7967
password: tugboat

After logging in, you can then change your password with the form at

Thanks for checking.


in the TUG office
TeX Users Group
PO Box 2311
Portland OR 97208-2311

Phone: +1 503 223 9994
Fax: +1 206 203 3960
Email: office at tug.org
Internet:  www.tug.org

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