[texhax] old script font

Pierre MacKay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Tue Jan 22 02:18:20 CET 2008

I am afraid I was not able to come even close to an identification.

The first oddity about the font, even from the few characters visible on 
the page
(B, and F which confirms my impressions of the B) is that they are 
back-slanted.  This is not at all common with scripts, and I was not 
able to find anything in the general
class---leaving out the grosser forms of advertising scripts---that had 
this feature.

The left-hand loop is a a cousin to a swash, but it has nothing of the 
enthusiam of a swash.  So far as I can make out, the designer imagined 
the ductus as beginning at the top of the central stem, continuing down 
to the baseline and then around to the left and up again across the top 
of the stem, finishing with the two right loops, which end in a rise 
into the stem, so the the whole is completed with no loose ends and an 
almost dour flavor, quite unlike the flapping ends of swash strokes.  I 
couldn't find any display italic that worked so hard to hide the ends of 
the strokes.  It really is very distinctive.  I find it almost a bit 

Rookledge has a font named Gando Ronde Script which includes an 
uppercase D that comes somewhat close to your B, but Gando Ronde looks 
happily frivolous in the rest of its characters; it is certainly not 
back-slanted, and the B and F are nothing like.

The back slant is the thing to look for first.  There are going to be so 
few of those.

The English text looks like vanilla Times, but from a rather careless 
foundry.  It is
a bit closer to Monotype than to ITC.

Sorry I couldn't do better.  What and where was the Press?

Pierre MacKay

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