[texhax] Creating new math operator symbol

Eldon Lytle elytle at lcturbonet.com
Tue Jan 22 20:07:07 CET 2008

I'm a new member of TUG (and new to the markup language of laTeX). 
Perhaps you would be kind enough to help a 'newbie' solve a problem that 
has arisen.

I'm trying to promote Calligraphic 'L' to/ mathop/ status for use in a 
new linguistic notation that I'm developing for a book in progress and 
have attempted to use /DeclareMathSymbol{\lsig}{mathop}{cmsy}{"4C} for 
the purpose.  My efforts have been in vain so far.  I suspect I'm not 
setting up the necessary font declarations but am not sure. Help would 
be appreciated.

  Eldon Lytle

PS: By the way, in an attempt to find font information, I've searched 
the TUG laTeX installation on my iMac for 'nfssfont.tex' without 
success. Is there an equivalent file by a different name that performs 
the same function? (TeXShop is the editor I'm using -- from the 
installation CD I recently purchased from TUG.)

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