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Mon Jan 14 09:10:48 CET 2008

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> I spent quite a while in searching for a handy solution to specify the
> area where LaTeX shouldn't hyphenate words - with no luck. Microsoft
> Office (yes I used the bad word) allows you to define an area where no
> hyphenation is permitted. I wish I had something similar in LaTeX;
> maybe an area in mm or in characters (meaning don't hyphenate when
> only x characters are left before/after the hyphenation). I know about
> "hyphenpenalty", "\begin{sloppypar}", "\sloppy, "\hbox{}",
> "\hyphenation{}", "\mbox{}", etc., but those aren't real solutions and
> certainly not very effective in a >100-page document...
> Is there something I just missed in my research or is what I'm looking
> for just not existent?

>From the babel manual:

The environment hyphenrules can be used to select only the hyphenation
rules to be used. This can for instance be used to select
'nohyphenation', provided
that in language.dat the 'language' nohyphenation is defined by loading

Also look up \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin.

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