[texhax] Latin modern typewriter font and single quotes

James Smith james.smith at aleph-one.com
Sat Jan 5 15:54:33 CET 2008

P.S. Having typed 'latin modern glyphs' and 'latin modern typewriter
glyphs' into google and followed a few links to the explanatory pdfs on
tug.org and other places, I was absolutely astonished by the work that's
gone into Latin Modern. 

I just wanted to make it clear that in my last post, I wasn't
"complaining", it's just that my mind was boggling.

I have tried to digest some of the content of these articles but I'm not
making progress, I still can't work out whether there's some \quoteXXX
to pair off with 0027 in the same way that \quoteleft and \quoteright
pair off with 0060 and 00b4, for example.

Kind regards,


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