[texhax] PNAS style

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon Feb 5 17:54:48 CET 2007


> did you wipe out existing .aux files before
> rerunning?  that guarantees a clean slate.

Yes I had been doing that as part of a script

>     I did get the condensed form [1-3], but it has brackets.
>     I got the same result with
>     \DeclareOption{natbib}{%
>       \PassOptionsToPackage{numbers,sort&compress,round}{natbib}}
>     So it didn't work.
> it may still not work, but worth trying.

The problem turned out to be similar to the .aux file - I was using an
old pnas.sty.  The direct call works now from inside pnas.sty!
That is, pnas.sty contains (besides comments):


and that does the job.  Sorry for the confusion but thanks for the

> i noticed that a new version of natbib was
> announced for ctan this morning, by the way.
> cheers.							-- bb

Thanks, I switched to that.


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