[texhax] PNAS style

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon Feb 5 16:27:47 CET 2007


> > Ok, so it needs to be named pnas.sty and not pnas.cls (though I don't
> > understand the difference). 
> The .sty files are for loading with \usepackage while .cls are loaded with
> \documentclass.  A class file does a complete job of setting up an output
> format and must actually make certain definitions, whereas packages do very
> simple jobs of alteration or furnishing additional commands.

Thanks much for taking the time to explain that!!

> > I am keeping the file for now in the same
> > directory while I work on it so access is not a problem.  I'm doing
> > the work on a Sun, so it's a different installation, but my
> > installation is fine.
> That should be ok.


> > The relevant calls are:
> > 
> > \usepackage[numbers,sort&compress,round]{natbib}
> > 
> > \makeatletter
> > \renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1.}
> > \makeatother
> The \makeatletter and \makeatother are necessary if you use commands with
> the @ symbol inside a .tex file, but you shouldn't use them inside a .sty
> file; it's already protected and in a subtly different way.

Ok, I removed them from the .sty and it still works.

> However, this
> doesn't explain your problem.  Especially since "round" is the default
> (according to the manual).  I suspect there is some other package loaded
> AFTER pnas.sty that is altering this.
> Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe

I had these before:

\usepackage{html} % use this for making html


\usepackage{pslatex} % Times New Roman Font

afterwards.  I removed the graphics, color and pslatex but the
brackets were still there.


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