[texhax] bibtex @incollection issue

Jacob McCormmach Pugh jpugh at otos.cotse.net
Thu Jul 6 11:14:30 CEST 2006

I have a BibTex problem...
Every citation style (MLA, Chicago, etc.) I've known formats bibliography 
entries for articles within large collections more or less as per this 

Alexander Bird. "Thomas Kuhn". In \emph{Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy}.

...for an article written by Bird on the philosopher Thomas Kuhn in the 
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I had thought that to do this in BibTex I would want an @incollection entry:
	author = "Alexander Bird",
	title = "Thomas Kuhn",
	booktitle = "Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy"}

However, this produces the following entry in the bibliography:

Alexander Bird. Thomas kuhn. In \emph{Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy}.

If this were just poor style I might not worry too much, but in this case it's 
downright confusing, since I also cite works written by Kuhn. I've tried 
messing with the title field to make BibTex produce what I want, but to no 
avail. Any suggestions?

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