[texhax] bibtex @incollection issue

Alex Scorpan scorpan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 00:28:10 CEST 2006

> @incollection{SEoP_Kuhn,
> 	author = "Alexander Bird",
> 	title = "Thomas Kuhn",
> 	booktitle = "Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy"}
> Alexander Bird. Thomas kuhn. In \emph{Stanford Encyclopedia of  
> Philosophy}.

First off, surround the mid-title capitals in braces, so that they  
don't get lowercased.
For example,
	title="Thomas {K}uhn"
will at least lead to
	Alexander Bird. Thomas Kuhn. In \emph{Stanford Encyclopedia of  
A small step forward.

The .bib file is just a database with not much to do with the styling  
of the output.  Putting K in braces at least allows the database to  
produce a slightly better result no matter the styling.

The rest is a matter of the bibliography style, called in your source by
and encoded in a file somewhere in your system called
This is the file that controls everything (including the automatic  
lowercasing of K) and where everything can be changed and restyled,  
and could lead to any outputs, including the garish
	\textbf{Alexander Bird:} \textsc{"Thomas Kuhn".} Published in \textit 
But that's a whole other can of worms.

Fastest solution, you could change the bibliography style to some  
other style that already does what you want.  That could save you  
from doing the {K}-thing as well.  I'm sure others on the list will  
have suggestions.


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