[texhax] Footnotes: Numbering

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Dec 24 21:49:43 CET 2006

[... continuing on danger ...]

At 22:05 23.12.06, Uwe Lück wrote:
>At 14:57 23.12.06, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
> > > Has something like
> > >    \let\OldFN=\footnote
> > >    \renewcommand{\footnote}[1]{\unskip\OldFN{\hspace{2pt}#1}}
> > > been suggested already, where one may not have to change anything
> > > in the rest of the document; plus, when I decide later I like the
> > > I routinely reinvent little wheels
> > > (or flat tires) because it seems faster than looking up, possibly
> > > having to download, and figuring out a new package.  Or is there
> > > some fatal or "good LaTeX practice" flaw with this approach?]
> >
> >The relative speed here clearly depends on your ability to write flawless
> >macros straight off or at any rate to debug them.  Those who can usually do
> >and far be it from me to give such experts advice on their approach.

... one problem with the do-it-yourself [is this English, or is it
a German word like "handy"?] approach is that correct estimation
of "speed" may depend on real special knowledge.
I experienced this this year with own macros for sectioning.
It probably took me many days to discover that marks,
TOC entries, penalties and vertical spaces must obey a certain
order. The TeXbook passages on vertical lists must be read
very diligently for this. It may need many days of suffering
weird failures to achieve the appropriate degree of diligence.



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