[texhax] tip: bibTeX hack for pages =

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Fri Dec 22 21:07:10 CET 2006

Holiday Greetings, TeXhax krewe!

I am coming up to speed on writing *.bib files
and wish to report the following hack
wrt the argument to pages.

pages is meant to contain either:
* starting page: digits only
* page range: 88--99

I am building various .bib files for my 
SAS User Group conference proceedings.
Since these papers are available on the web
I was wondering how to pack as much information
into the .bib file as possible.

in my case I want the variable pages to contain 
the number of pages of the paper

"page 5"
in the bibliography

what I want is:
"pages: 5"

by adding an hspace as prefix to the argument
I come close to what I want:
"pages 5"

note also that note contains embedded commas
another problem which was giving me much head-scratching.

Happy Holidaze  and as I'm sure Leslie Lamport would write:
H'ppy Gnu 'Ear!

Ron Fehd the {SAS} macro maven Atlanta GA

- - - SUGI22.bib - - -
@string{sugi22year =1997}
@string{sugi22name ={Proceedings of the
            22nd Annual {SAS}\textsuperscript{\tiny\textregistered}
                 Users Group International Conference}}

     year     =sugi22year,
     title    ={Basic And Advanced Uses Of {SAS} dates},
     author   ={Kenneth L. Goodwin},
     pages    ={\hspace{-1pt}5},
     note     ={Poster; dates: reading{,} creating w/functions{,}
     formatting{,} calculating week-of{,} creating month vars{,}
alternative displays{,}
     calendar week number},

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