[texhax] Q: bibTeX + MakeIndex: read files *.bbl and *.ind, write *.indX

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/CCHIS/NCPHI) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Fri Dec 22 21:33:00 CET 2006

TeXhax Krewe:

I am looking at the issues of hacking index entries
and decided that trying to get an \index{word1} command
to write an external reference is futile.

As part of my large project of indexing my 
SAS User Group conference proceedings papers
I am now doing R&D on writing a set of indexentry
for each paper in individual <paper-name>.idx files.

Instead of writing one gigantic document
that contains all the index + bibliography
--- rough estimate for a document covering 10 years
    containing 10*~300 paper index+bibliograph was ~500 pages! 
    that's too big for a .pdf! ---
I am now focusing on writing a managable 10-page
document that will reuse index entries
for the papers of which I am writing the subject review.

as you can see I want the index entries to generate the bib references:

- - - 060-26.idx - - -
\indexentry{using intck!in sql select stmt.|citet}{sugi26.060}
- - - 063-27.idx - - -
\indexentry{using intck!in sql select stmt.|citet}{sugi27.063}

for a particular paper
I copy the various .idx I refer to in the paper
from the idx folder to \jobname.idx

One of the problems I have noticed with this approach
is that bibTeX eliminates duplicate entries
even though they have a different reference.
I was expecting two bib-refs separated by a comma.
but lost the second one.

I have a kludge for that:

\indexentry{using intck!in sql select
\indexentry{using intck!in sql select

but I am not pleased with how it looks.
later for that.

What I would like:
Q: Please provide name of open-source text-processing software, 
which will do the following:

read \jobname .bbl
     pick out variables: 
read \jobname .ind
     pick out occurrences of: \citet{<cite-key>}
from: \subitem macro function, \citet{sugi31.015}
to  : \subitem macro function, \citet{sugi31.015}
write to new file: \jobname .indX

I really appreciate this group.
Aside from showing up at the yearly TUG conference,
I don't get to talk tex much.

thanx, and happy hollandaise

Ron Fehd  the {SAS} macro maven  Atlanta GA


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