[texhax] wrapfigure suddenly not working

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Wed Dec 6 16:54:32 CET 2006

> I am using the package wrapfig with the environment 
> {wrapfigure} which 
> used to work fine, but after having edited the text, it does not work 
> any more.  The figures are there, but the text does not wrap.  

Sorry, but my crystal ball is playing up and won't let me see the changes
you made to your text.  Would you like to be just a little more explicit?

> Are there any known things which interferes with wrapfigure?

There are indeed; so, in the meantime the following is an extract from the
end of wrapfig.sty:

Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe

Some idiosyncrasies:

  - You must not specify a wrapfigure in any type of list environment or
    or immediately before or immediately after one.  It is OK to follow
    a list if there is a blank line ("\par") in between.

  - If you put a wrapfigure in a parbox or a minipage, or any other type
    of grouping, the text wrapping should end before the group does.

  - It does work in two-column format, but are your figures that small?

  - It may be out of sequence with regular floats.

  - The hlines that may be printed above and below floats are ignored;
    you must insert them manually if desired.

  - "\linewidth" is now adjusted within the wrapped text, but since it
    can only be set for whole paragraphs at a time, it will persist with
    the wrong value after the wrapping, until the paragraph is finished.

New wrapping environments may be added when new float types are defined
(using memoir.cls, float.sty, or ccaption.sty).  Any wrapping environment,
"wrapfigure", "wraptable", or something else may be invoked using the
"wrapfloat" environment, as in "\begin{wrapfloat}{figure}{O}{5cm}".

To use float.sty properly, load package "float" before "wrapfig",
and declare any new float types after loading both.  Likewise for
ccaption.sty and "\newfloatlist" and memoir.cls and its "\newfloat".

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