[texhax] wrapfigure suddenly not working

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Wed Dec 6 23:14:08 CET 2006

Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:
>> I am using the package wrapfig with the environment 
>> {wrapfigure} which 
>> used to work fine, but after having edited the text, it does not work 
>> any more.  The figures are there, but the text does not wrap.  
> Sorry, but my crystal ball is playing up and won't let me see the changes
> you made to your text.  Would you like to be just a little more explicit?
>> Are there any known things which interferes with wrapfigure?
> There are indeed; so, in the meantime the following is an extract from the
> end of wrapfig.sty:

Thank you very much for the information.  I will look into it and 
report on the results (it is quite late in the evening here, that 
problem will have to rest until tomorrow morning).

> Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe
> Some idiosyncrasies:
>   - You must not specify a wrapfigure in any type of list environment or
>     or immediately before or immediately after one.  It is OK to follow
>     a list if there is a blank line ("\par") in between.
>   - If you put a wrapfigure in a parbox or a minipage, or any other type
>     of grouping, the text wrapping should end before the group does.
>   - It does work in two-column format, but are your figures that small?
>   - It may be out of sequence with regular floats.
>   - The hlines that may be printed above and below floats are ignored;
>     you must insert them manually if desired.
>   - "\linewidth" is now adjusted within the wrapped text, but since it
>     can only be set for whole paragraphs at a time, it will persist with
>     the wrong value after the wrapping, until the paragraph is finished.
> New wrapping environments may be added when new float types are defined
> (using memoir.cls, float.sty, or ccaption.sty).  Any wrapping environment,
> "wrapfigure", "wraptable", or something else may be invoked using the
> "wrapfloat" environment, as in "\begin{wrapfloat}{figure}{O}{5cm}".
> To use float.sty properly, load package "float" before "wrapfig",
> and declare any new float types after loading both.  Likewise for
> ccaption.sty and "\newfloatlist" and memoir.cls and its "\newfloat".
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