[texhax] underline problem

LB Yang lbyang at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 00:28:14 CET 2006

Hello everyone,

I need some help from you guys.

I need change section title to be centered, and underlined (including
section #), so I tried to modifty the style file:
Before change it is centered and not underlined:
\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{12pt }{ 12pt
I did this:
\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{12pt }{ 12pt
After change, it is underlined, but not centered any more. It seems
\centering doesn't work well with \underline. How to get this work?

I also have another similar problem with subsection. It requires
left-aligned and underlined.
Before change, it is left-aligned and not underlined:
I did this:
After change, it is underlined, but has some indent which I don't want. How
to fix this?

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