[texhax] The PracTeX Journal # 2006-4

Lance Carnes lcarnes at pctex.com
Fri Dec 1 23:20:50 CET 2006

"What I Wish I Had...When I Was A Lad" (Using LaTeX resources)

"Rolling your own Document Class: Using LaTeX to keep away from the Dark

"Drawing Medical Pedigree Trees with TeX and PSTricks"

"Creating homework assignments using ConTeXt"

TeX news, articles, columns, and even puzzles!  It's all here, and more,
in The PracTeX Journal.

The 2006-4 issue of the PracTeX Journal is now online at
http://tug.org/pracjourn/  An index of articles with abstracts is at
http://tug.org/pracjourn/rss/pracjourn_rss.html and our new RSS feed is
at http://tug.org/pracjourn/rss/pracjourn_rss.xml .  See the home page
for an RSS feed link and more information about RSS.

The authors and editors worked hard to present these articles
and we hope you enjoy reading them.  If you find an article you like or
want to comment on, please send a note to the author or to the editors.

The next issue's theme is "Graphics in (La)TeX", and it will be edited
by Yuri Robbers.  Feel free to submit an article idea, or send us
suggestions of what you would like to see in this issue.  The
publication date is February 15, 2007 and submissions are due January 20.

Best regards,
Lance Carnes, Editor
on behalf of all the PracTeX Journal volunteers

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