[texhax] revision of the tex directory structure document

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu May 27 22:06:42 CEST 2004

The TDS working group has prepared a revision of the TeX Directory
Structure document.  Before we release it officially as version 1.1, I
thought I would post it publically to see if there are any comments or
suggestions.  It's already been by the tds and implementors' mailing

If you're interested, you can review it here:

HTML: http://tug.org/ftp/tex/draft-tds/tds-1.094/
PDF:  http://tug.org/ftp/tex/draft-tds/tds-1.094/tds.pdf
DVI:  http://tug.org/ftp/tex/draft-tds/tds-1.094/tds.dvi
sources and all output: ftp://tug.org/tex/draft-tds/tds-1.094.tar.gz

Please mail tds at tug.org with any replies.


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