[texhax] Debian testing & tetex-bin

Pavel Minev Penev pavpen at berkeley.edu
Fri May 28 08:25:41 CEST 2004

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 07:24:11PM +0100, Vittorio wrote:
> Under debian testing I'm updating & upgrading the system by means of 
> apt-get.
> <snip>
> Setting up tetex-bin (2.0.2-14) ...

I have been dissaitisfied with the Debian teTeX too long.  The
developers keep old versions of the TeX packages with bugs that have
already been fixed on CTAN.  There are also many interesting packages
missing (do you have ucs for example?)  So I switched to TeXlive.  You
can download the entire DVD image from tug.org, or become a TUG member
and receive the CDs + DVD + TUG Boat every year by mail.  It is
frustrating to deal with problems that have long ago been fixed, just
because the developers package out of date software (in your case, not
even properly).  So my suggestion is to dump the Debian TeTeX or file a
bug report against it and wait.

BTW, on my machine the 2003 TeXlive's `latex --version` says
"e-TeX (Web2C 7.5.2) 3.141592-2.1" while Debian unstable's says
"TeX (Web2C 7.4.5) 3.14159".  Notice the difference?

Good luck,

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