[texhax] Question about caption package and esp. \captionof

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Mon Jun 7 15:17:23 CEST 2004

Hello again

Sorry to keep asking questions.....I do try to solve these on my own
before posting.....

Using LiveTex and WinEdt on a Windows machine.

I am having trouble with placement of floats, because I have a lot of
graphics in a document.  Then, in the LaTeX companion (2nd ed) I read
that a) This isn't uncommon and b) There is a package {caption} that can
put captions on nonfloating figures.  Seemed worth a shot.

So, in my preamble I put


and in my \mainmatter

\fbox{\includegraphics[scale = .6]{pie}}\\
\captionof{figure}{Pie chart of race-ethnicity}

When I run it, I get an error that there is an undefined control

I checked the .pdf file for this package, but did not find anything
about such an error.

Any help, as always, appreciated


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