[texhax] Can you help?

Brian Hamilton notlimahb at iolfree.ie
Sun Jun 6 12:17:28 CEST 2004

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Brian Hamilton. I live in Ireland.
For the last 20 years I have worked for a
typesetting company who worked solely for
Kluwer Academic Publishers. Because Kluwer
have transferred all their work to India I
have been made redundant. 

I have been trying to set a small business
from home. At the moment I am sending out
samples of my work. However, I have encountered
a problem which is baffeling me.

I am using TeX2k, and here is my problem.
When I latex a file I get superior characters
touching the characters they come after.
Also endnote and footnote symbols seem to be
too close and even touching the punctuation
that they come after. The funny thing is that
the occurrances are not consistent. The touching
does not happen everytime.

I asked my old company to latex a file for me and
there was no problem whatsoever. Is it possible to
replace my tex2k folder with the one from my company
run mktexlsr and fix the problem or is there just
one area in the tex2k folder that needs to be
updated. The tex2k folder is 90Mb+.

Any help would be much appreciated, however if you cannot
help is it possible to put me in touch with
some person who might?

I hope you do not mind me getting in touch with you this way.
It is my first venture into the business world and hopefully
I can make it work.

Regards and thanks in advance

Brian Hamilton
notlimahb at iolfree.ie

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