[texhax] postcript printing problems

Pavel Minev Penev pavpen at berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 8 22:34:54 CEST 2004

В деня вторник,  6. от юли, 2004 в 11:09:06 GMT +0200, jordi carrillo мислил:
> ctan. I have an hp deskjet 820 and a Mandrake linux. The problem is that 
> I can view the document through gv without any problem (with correct 
> margins,etc...), but when I print it, (the ps document is in landscape 
> and two pages per sheet) there is a wide left margin and the right one 
> even doesn't exist, so the page is not centred. I don't know why I can 
> see the page ok in gv and doesn't print the same way.

I had more or less the same problem with HP DeskJet 640C.  I used
`mpage` to setup custom margins.  I also remember having trouble telling
`mpage` that the output should have A4 pagesize.  What I used for
printing zia.ps (A5) two pages per sheet was:

	psbook zia.ps tmp.ps
	mpage -m0 -2 tmp.ps > tmp_a5.ps
	psresize -Pa5 -pa4 -q tmp_a5.ps outp.ps

I haven't looked into the problem, though.  So there may be a proper


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