[texhax] postcript printing problems

jordi carrillo carritelecom2000 at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 6 11:09:06 CEST 2004

Hi all!
I am trying to print the tutorial "the not so short introduction to 
latex2e". I have downloaded the booklet ps version lshort-book.ps from 
ctan. I have an hp deskjet 820 and a Mandrake linux. The problem is that 
I can view the document through gv without any problem (with correct 
margins,etc...), but when I print it, (the ps document is in landscape 
and two pages per sheet) there is a wide left margin and the right one 
even doesn't exist, so the page is not centred. I don't know why I can 
see the page ok in gv and doesn't print the same way.
I have been looking for information but I don't find anything. I would 
very much appreciate any answer. Thanks

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