[texhax] LaTeX fails to create a dvi file

Edgar G. Goodaire edgar at math.mun.ca
Tue Feb 24 19:12:34 CET 2004

Dear Friends:
This may be a question more properly directed to the WinEdt/MikTeX mailing 
list, but that list is apparently restricted and my post to it was rejected.

Off and on for the past couple of weeks, and today many times, when I try to 
process a file (even containing just one word), MikTeX complains 

"LateX failed to create a dvi file.  For possible
explanations, start the command from the command prompt or read the log

Well, in these situations, LaTeX also fails to create a log file, so there's 
nothing to learn there.   Moreover, I cannot figure what command to run from 
the command prompt in order to catch any output.  The MiKTeX command


certainly does not work.   I have used LaTeX for years and MiKTeX for a 
number of months, but never seen this error. 

Have any of you had this experience?  Any suggestions?  .......Edgar
P.S. I am on a PC running XP pro. 

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