[texhax] Re: LaTeX fails to create a dvi file

Christian Schenk cs at miktex.org
Tue Feb 24 20:52:16 CET 2004

Edgar G. Goodaire wrote:
> Dear Friends:
> This may be a question more properly directed to the WinEdt/MikTeX
> mailing list, but that list is apparently restricted and my post to
> it was rejected.

You could become a subscriber :-)

> Off and on for the past couple of weeks, and today many times, when I
> try to process a file (even containing just one word), MikTeX
> complains
> "LateX failed to create a dvi file.  For possible
> explanations, start the command from the command prompt or read the
> log file."

This is a WinEdt error message. I would suggest that you try out the
following when the problem occurs:

1) open a command-prompt window
2) cd into the directory, where the LaTeX document is
3) run latex:
     latex YOURDOC.tex
   (replace YOURDOC with the name of your document)
4) see what happens

You can reply directly, if you need further assistance.


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