[texhax] Can Tex do that?

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 9 15:51:12 CET 2004

philip taylor writes:

> I would
> strongly recommend communicating with the proprietor
> of one of these, Boguslaw Jackowski <bop at bop.com.pl>,
> who will -- I am sure -- reassure you that /anything/
> is possible using TeX.

i'm sure jacko would indeed assure anyone that _anything_ is possible
using tex.  and quite right too.  another good candidate would be hans
hagen, who likewise does things that would challenge any of the paid-for

what i was questioning was whether it was rational for a publisher to
switch to using tex, instantaneously, because adobe has pulled the rug
out from under their feet.

sure, investigate tex as a future path, but don't think of it as the
way to keep the company going from today on.  you've got too much of a
learning curve for that.

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