[texhax] Can Tex do that?

Philip TAYLOR [PC87S-O/XP] P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Feb 9 13:17:46 CET 2004

Although I agree that Robin's note of caution should be
heeded, I do not think you should allow yourself to be
put off by the complexity of the task.  In Poland, for
example, there are publishing houses that use /only/
TeX (and its adjuncts, such as MetaPost) yet produce
colour artwork that equals, if not exceeds, anything
that Quark and its friends could accomplish. I would
strongly recommend communicating with the proprietor
of one of these, Boguslaw Jackowski <bop at bop.com.pl>,
who will -- I am sure -- reassure you that /anything/
is possible using TeX.

Philip Taylor, RHBNC
Roland Schoettle wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a FrameMaker user that is now switching to Mac OSX. Unfortunately
> Adobe does not support FrameMaker on OS X and is suggesting we move to
> InDesign. However good, InDesign cannot do many FrameMaker functions
> such as footnotes, autoflow of text and paragraphs, or math symbols.
> InDesign is a poor document processor for our needs.
> I would like to try Tex, but thought it best to ask if Tex can be used
> to create reasonably complicated color product brochures. The goal
> would be to produce brochures, newsletters, business proposals, and
> also "publish" data from a database that looks as if came from a
> high-end layout package such as Quark Express or  something similar.
> Can Tex be easily used for these type of functions?

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