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Jeroen Wijnhout Jeroen.Wijnhout at kdemail.net
Thu Apr 8 15:17:59 CEST 2004

On Thursday 08 April 2004 14:19, Chris Rowley wrote:
> So LaTeX should not be too difficult (e-mail the files to yourself??).
> > Unicode with LaTeX would be interesting, though I'm not sure how one
> > would type it on a standard keyboard.

Use the modifier key, on my keyboard for example (on a Linux box), the 
modifier key is the Windows key. Typing
Mod-',e (that is hold the modifier key while pressing ' and e consecutively), 
will produce an é.

If you can't find your modifier key (or your distro didn't setup one for you) 

If you want to type Russian (for example), you can switch keyboard layouts (at 
least with KDE that is very easy to do) using a special defined keyboard 
shortcut or an system tray applet.


Kile - KDE Integrated LaTeX Editor

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