[tex4ht] options and/or config for beamer

Martin Weis martin.weis.newsadress at gmx.de
Wed Jul 24 14:23:26 CEST 2013

Hello Maxim!

Am 23.07.2013 21:51, schrieb Maxim Loginov:
> I'm looking for options and/or config file for proper conversion of
> beamer slides to a format readable by MS Word. The only purpose of 
> this conversion is sharing with colleagues, so that they can 
> copy-paste text and images. Therefore I do not expect one-to-one 
> Could anyone suggest which options shell I use?

I never tried that with tex4ht, so I cannot help with that.
But there are PDF tools to extract text and images separately, e.g.
pdftotext beamer.pdf
pdfimages beamer.pdf

or to render the slides to images
pdftoppm -png beamer.pdf beamerimg

If you adapt the colours and cropping settings, they can include the
content as images.

For latex text extraction you might also consider:
texexpand beamer.tex | detex


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