Annual upgrade

Patrick Bideault pb-latex at
Thu Mar 28 11:46:40 CET 2024

Hi all.

Thank you for your replies.

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> You didn't tell us at all, what precisely went wrong in your case.

It was on purpose: my TeX Live is back on tracks now.

I obviously did something wrong when upgrading, I don't even know what
exactly. I just wanted to point out how complex the whole operation is, and how
this complexity can put users off.

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> If you want TL to work on release, you should participate in pre-release testing.  

Noted. Thank you.

> It would be useful to know if your issue could have been avoided by better
> documentation and whether the underlying issue was a bug in the installer
> or initial packages or some clash with the host system.

See above.

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> You haven't told us *what* went wrong, so not much to help here.

See above.

> And no, tlmgr is not APT, because it has to do much more than APT, it
> has to run un 15+ different OS and ARCH combinations, while APT just
> runs on Linux. Most people underestimate the complications we are facing
> due to multi-os multi-arch support.

Indeed, I obviously underestimated it. My suggestion was tlmgr upgrading
a running system, so that it could duplicate the way data is stored and the user

> Bottom line: Without a proper bug report on what went wrong, we cannot
> improve the system, and we on purpose WANT people to do reinstallations
> since cross-release updates are not simple.

Fair enough.

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> Does APT support rolling releases?  Presumably not and it seems that
> we are trying to compare apples and pears.

Understood. I just used the example to show a complex yet accessible system.

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> To avoid this, you should not do an upgrade but a fresh installation.

That is what I usually do.



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