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I'm most grateful to Patrick for raising this issue, and the courtesy and
clarity and care with which he did it.

For me the most important thing Patrick said is "I just wanted to point out
how complex the whole operation is, and how this complexity can put users

I applaud this sentiment. I am concerned that for many users installing and
upgrading TeXLive is substantially harder than using TeX.

In the time of Sebastian Rahtz, which I remember, TeXLive was a CD (not yet
even a DVD) which contained a live TeX installation. Users could insert the
CD in the drive and have a running (although perhaps slow) system.

By the way, as a member of the committee of UK TUG I voted to authorize the
purchase, for several hundred pounds, of a CD burner so that Sebastian
could create a master CD for duplication. That was money very well spent.

Note: DVDs and their players were invented in 1995 and released in 1996 (in
Japan only). The first DVDs had a capacity of 1.46 gigabytes. I learnt this
from the interesting website

with kind regards

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