ConTeXt setup in TeX Live

Karl Berry karl at
Tue Mar 26 16:37:01 CET 2024

    Editing the line
               TEXMFLOCAL      = "selfautoparent:texmf-local",

    in texmfcnf.lua to
               TEXMFLOCAL      = "selfautoparent:../texmf-local",

I committed that change (r70773). Thanks much to you and Hans.

    then running
    mtxrun --generate
    mtxrun --script fonts --reload

I believe the former will be run automatically by tlmgr, but nothing is
going to run the latter (never heard of it before). So people who need
it will have to do it by hand. From the options, I guess it's just
about finding newly installed fonts. I wonder if we should do it
whenever we run mtxrun --generate et al.?

    seems to solve the problem. After that,
    % mtxrun --resolve-path TEXMFLOCAL

    % mtxrun --find-file LucidaBrightOT.otf

    The comments inside texmfcnf.lua would need to be edited to reflect the
    actual settings, 

I added all the above info in comments in texmfcnf.lua.

Guess we'll see what happens ... --thanks, karl.

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