ConTeXt setup in TeX Live

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at
Mon Mar 25 01:41:31 CET 2024

> On 24 Mar 2024, at 21:43, Karl Berry <karl at> wrote:
>    Is ConTeXt, as packaged in TeX Live 2024, supposed to look for fonts
>    inside TEXMFLOCAL? 
> Unfortunately, I have no idea.

I should have thought of that earlier: ConTeXt has no notion of SELFAUTOGRANDPARENT, it expects texmf-local to be at the same level as TEXMFROOT.

Thus texmf-dist/web2c/texmfcnf.lua defines

           TEXMFLOCAL      = "selfautoparent:texmf-local",

and you get for example

% mtxrun --resolve-path TEXMFLOCAL

% mtxrun --resolve-path OPENTYPEFONTS | grep -E "texmf-local"  

So whereas kpsewhich finds the font

% kpsewhich LucidaBrightOT.otf                                                                            

context doesn't: running

% mtxrun --find-file LucidaBrightOT.otf    

returns nothing.    

I tried to hack texmfcnf.lua to make things work but couldn't. I imagine the required modifications are more extensive. 


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