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Riccardo Casula riccardo.casula at aridhia.com
Mon Nov 20 12:52:44 CET 2023

Good day,
I have been trying to install and run updates (tlmgr update --all) on my local docker image for tlmgr and I am getting the following error since Thursday 16 November:

tlmgr: Remote database (rev 68896) seems to be older than local (rev 68898), please use different mirror or wait a bit.

I also tried to set different mirrors and little to no difference (only the remote DB version number changes). On the 15th a new version was pushed that made this error fail loudly to avoid overwriting old packages.

Shouldn't the remote DB be updated with update-tlmgr-latest.sh on the remote side?
This should affect all new installations unless an older version is downloaded from your archive. Is there another way around this? E.g., some args to pass to tlmgr to suppress the issue? Or fix the remote DB version?

Best Regards,
Riccardo Casula

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