texlive remote DB outdated

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Nov 21 22:45:56 CET 2023

Hi Riccardo,

    I have been trying to install and run updates (tlmgr update --all)

Did you run tlmgr update --self? It should have refused to do other
updates when there is a pending self-update.

    on my local docker image for tlmgr and I am getting the following
    error since Thursday 16 November:

I just pushed tlcritical to tlnet again last night. Maybe the problem
has gone away?
    tlmgr: Remote database (rev 68896) seems to be older than local (rev


    I also tried to set different mirrors and little to no difference
    (only the remote DB version number changes). 

    Shouldn't the remote DB be updated with update-tlmgr-latest.sh on
    the remote side?  This should affect all new installations unless an
    older version is downloaded from your archive. Is there another way
    around this? E.g., some args to pass to tlmgr to suppress the issue?
    Or fix the remote DB version?

Sorry for the frustration.

It's not about running tlmgr-update-latest, and the remote dbs are up to
date (modulo mirror delays). 

What's being compared is the local revision of the texlive-scripts
package (which is updated daily on the server), and the remote revision
of the 00texlive.config package, as it appears in the remote
texlive.tlpdb.  So far as I can tell, 00texlive.config always has the
maximum revision in the tlpdb.

So the question is how you ended up with a newer texlive-scripts
locally. How did you make that update happen? 

By now, the remote tlpdb should be higher than 68896 -- as of today,
it's 68912 in the upstream tlnet texlive.tlpdb, while texlive-scripts
remains at 68898.

Since no one else has had a similar complaint, and plenty of updates
have been done, I surmise it is something specific to your setup ..
--best, karl.

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