How should I deal with packages that require FFI external libraries?

Peter Flynn peter at
Sat Apr 22 01:09:26 CEST 2023

I'd like to include this in Formatting information, if I may.


On 21/04/2023 22:43, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Bruno - you know this, but I can't replying anyway:
>      they did not understand why a TeX
>      install was more than a few hundred magabytes
> You can tell them that if all they want to do is typeset their math
> papers, they can use BasicTeX == scheme-small ~ 550MB. Admittedly still
> not tiny, but plausible nowadays even on fairly small machines.
> The most minimal scheme including LaTeX is scheme-basic, some 265MB.
> Perfectly capable of typesetting straightforward documents, but of
> course lacks almost all add-on packages, say, revtex, which is included
> in scheme-small.
> The answer to why full TL is so big (currently 7.5+GB) is that it
> includes all the fonts, support for all languages including CJK, all
> macros, etc. Support to typeset any document in (more or less) any
> script anywhere in the world takes space ...
> Feel free to forward this to anyone who questions why TL contains what
> it does. --hope this helps somehow, karl.

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