TeXLive 2023 and local fonts

Harald Jele harald.jele at uni-klu.ac.at
Thu Apr 20 11:45:33 CEST 2023

Dear Romano,

yes, the system recognizes the local fonts.

fc-list | grep local
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/otf/MyriadPro-It.otf: Myriad Pro:style=Italic
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/truetype/NotoEmoji-Bold.ttf: Noto Emoji:style=Bold
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/otf/MyriadPro-Regular.otf: Myriad Pro:style=Regular
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/truetype/NotoEmoji-SemiBold.ttf: Noto Emoji,Noto Emoji SemiBold:style=SemiBold,Regular
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/otf/MyriadPro-Bold.otf: Myriad Pro:style=Bold
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/truetype/NotoEmoji-Medium.ttf: Noto Emoji,Noto Emoji Medium:style=Medium,Regular
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/otf/MyriadPro-BoldIt.otf: Myriad Pro:style=Bold Italic
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/truetype/NotoEmoji-Light.ttf: Noto Emoji,Noto Emoji Light:style=Light,Regular
/home/admunix/.local/share/fonts/truetype/NotoEmoji-Regular.ttf: Noto Emoji:style=Regular

In the log file (out of the given ZIP) lualatex says:
Package fontspec Info: Font family 'MyriadPro(0)' created for font 'Myriad
(fontspec)             Pro' with options [Ligatures=TeX,Ligatures=TeX].
(fontspec)              This font family consists of the following NFSS
(fontspec)             series/shapes:
(fontspec)             - 'normal' (m/n) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             <->"MyriadPro:mode=node;script=latn;language=dflt;+tlig;
(fontspec)             - 'small caps'  (m/sc) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             - 'bold' (b/n) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             <->"MyriadPro/B:mode=node;script=latn;language=dflt;+tli
(fontspec)             - 'bold small caps'  (b/sc) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             - 'italic' (m/it) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             <->"MyriadPro/I:mode=node;script=latn;language=dflt;+tli
(fontspec)             - 'italic small caps'  (m/scit) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             - 'bold italic' (b/it) with NFSS spec.:
(fontspec)             <->"MyriadPro/BI:mode=node;script=latn;language=dflt;+tl
(fontspec)             - 'bold italic small caps'  (b/scit) with NFSS spec.:

So I am wondering, why lualatex does not use it since there is
\setsansfont[Ligatures=TeX]{Myriad Pro}
in this example.

Thanks, Harald

Am 20.04.23 um 11:27 schrieb Romano Giannetti:
> Strange. I also have fonts there... (nad FiraGo and/or Iosevka makes the first lualatex run ultra slow, 15 minutes of cache building).
> You should be able to see them using `fc-list`; otherwise, try to issue
> `fc-cache -f -v`, it should output (among three millions things) something like:
> /home/romano/.local/share/fonts: caching, new cache contents: 760 fonts, 0 dirs
> Romano
> On 20/04/2023 11:19, Harald Jele wrote:
>> Dear Romano,
>> I did not change the directory where TeXLive 2022 already found them: $HOME./local/share/fonts
>> See the logfile within the ZIP. Lualatex loads but did not use them (Myriad Pro).
>> Thanks, Harald
>> Am 20.04.23 um 09:47 schrieb Romano Giannetti:
>>> On 20/04/2023 09:32, Harald Jele wrote:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>> I deleted my local directory of TeXLive 2022 and installed 2023 as a portable installation in my homedir.
>>> This is my configuration too. Where did you put your "locally installed fonts" before?
>>>> Is there a way telling TeXLive to search for the fonts again and put them into the fonts database of fontspec??
>>> Basically, with a portable installation, you put all your local things into $HOME/texmf, from there they should be picked up automatically (at least for pdflatex and company). Lualatex and xelatex should see all the font your system see, so basically it depends on how you add a font to your system.
>>> Romano
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