TL 2023: package pgf-periodictable

Andreas Hirsch cursus.publicus at
Mon Apr 3 09:39:59 CEST 2023

Hi Werner,

Dr. Werner Fink schrieb am 03.04.2023 um 09:34:
> Hi,
> just noted that pgf-PeriodicTable.sty from pgf-periodictable tries to
> load pgfPT.input.library.tex but this is part of the doc package.
> IMHO it should be part of the runfiles ;)

This has already been mentioned and repaired:

> Karl Berry schrieb am 02.04.2023 um 23:35:
>>      - the files <<pgfPT.input.library.tex>> and <<pgfPTlibrary.colorschemes.tex>>
>>      are in
>>      \texlive\2023\texmf-dist\doc\latex\pgf-periodictable
>>      and must be in
>>      \texlive\2023\texmf-dist\tex\latex\pgf-periodictable
>> Thanks Hugo. Fixed for tonight's update. --best, karl.


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