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There is one more thing that just came to my mind regarding /Zoom/ 
versus /Jitsi/. The former does not allow everyone to share their screen 
at the same time. The latter allows it which makes it so much more 
useful than /Zoom/: nobody has to stop sharing so that anyone else can 
share their screen. Yes, it lags sometimes. Why do we not rather support 
developing /Jitsi/ instead of giving energy to /Zoom/?

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>>>> Would you have required reference from authority source to the Jews you
>>>> found as you entered the extermination camps in German-occupied Europe.
>>>> Or reference from the people who sufferred frem the Soviet Gulag System.
>>> Misusing the horror of the extermination camps to make a petty
>>> argument against a software is inacceptable and disrespectful to the
>>> victims of these camps.
>> This is where me disagree.  It is a valid contrarian view for the absolute requirement
>> of documented proof by what some decide to call authority.  Naturally, I am not here
>> to dictate how people run the event.  For one thing, this shows how computer science and
>> computer engineering departments today are not providing much innovation to their
>> community.  What people can do is to encourage their computer science and computer
>> engineering departments about the value of working on honest development of technology
>> that serves the best interests of those who use the software rather than some other entity.
>> I provided an explanation on valid reasons to thumb down the use of Zoom.  But some got really
>> offended.  I am used to the approach of individuals whose modus-operandi involve insults,
>> shame, guilt and the need to be right.  People whose education has educated them out of it.
>> I did not have more to say than the initial comments.  Yet I see quite a few starting freaking
>> out about it.  It is the latter part that has been unnecessary.  Who have I disrespected exactly.
>> The mathematical community has a reputation in the world that it can take criticism.  But perhaps
>> Grigori Perelman was right to reject the community's accolades.  So I shall continue to be his
>> friend and agree with him.
> I am sorry being off topic but I do not understand it well. The zoom
> server which hosts my meetings is physically located in the Czech
> Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, and is operated by the
> best experts at network security. Can you explain me how exactly the
> server is censored from China and how the personal data are leaked? I
> will then forward it to the experts and they will certainly find a
> solution and make it available to other hosts. Anyway, in both the
> open source and closed source SW it is normal that people do not just
> speak about vulnerabilities but they either fix them and publish the
> patches or report them immediately to expert. Why you have not done
> that? These vulnerabilities could have been fixed a long time ago if
> you acted as you should.
> In the open source world meritocracy is applied. Those who contribute
> most have higher right to decide. Those who do not contribute can file
> a feature request but they have no right to decide. I have good
> experience with zoom, terrible experience with MS Teams and Jitsi is
> difficult, it happened several times that other users were not able to
> connect.
> Anyway, if you develop an alternative to zoom which will be equally
> stable and available at reasonable price, I will probably switch to
> it.
> Zdeněk Wagner
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